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Hello Fellow Parent,

Please read the emails between myself and the SCAMMERS M0del Agency. Save yourself a lot of time & maybe money!

In the emails you will see that I clearly ask a question about fees prior to the 'photo shoot', "Successful models are placed on our website free of charge and we will only deduct a percent from work we find models. We charge 20 / 22 % industry standard rate."

When I question why they were trying to extort £325 from us for photos that took 15 min to do. The reply was, "Did you not read the what to expect and the terms of the shoot before we sent you to have the shoot ?

Here are the terms


It clearly does say we do not subsidize portfolio cost and all models need a portfolio."

I have attached a photo and the URL for a site that exposes "The Portfolio Scam".

If you too have been SCAMMED be sure to share your experience.


On 03 March 2016, at 07:35, admin@modelagency.uk.com wrote:


Did you not read the what to expect and the terms of the shoot before we sent you to have the shoot ?

Here are the terms


It clearly does say we do not subsidize portfolio cost and all models need a portfolio.




Quoting Lisa Durr :

Hi Chrissy,

My husband has just come out if a meeting with Richard, who I understand is the agencies manager. Richard told my husband that the photos would need to be purchased for £325 in order for ******* to be placed on your books.

I did ask you in advance of the shoot if this was the case.

We would be required to purchase photos of Sapphire taken by your recommended photographer for use on your web site. Is this correct? If so what is fee?

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards


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On 25 Feb 2016, at 08:52, admin@modelagency.uk.com wrote:


We do not charge any up front fees.

If we invite models for a test shoot then we cover the cost of the shoot and MUA.

All images are given to the agency for assessment purposes only.

Any new faces thinking of entering the industry should have a test shoot before they even contemplate investing in pictures.

Successful models are placed on our website free of charge and we will only deduct a percent from work we find models. We charge 20 / 22 % industry standard rate.




Quoting Lisa Durr :

Dear Chrissy,

I have a question, reading between the lines it appears that "if" ******* is 'taken on' by your agency the test shoot photo are just that tests.

We would be required to purchase photos of ******* taken by your recommended photographer for use on your web site. Is this correct? If so what is fee?

Please would you also send me a list of paying clients that you have book models for.

Kind regards


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On 22 Feb 2016, at 16:52, Model Agency wrote:

Hello *******,

Your photo shoot for Model Agency is booked on: 01/03/2016 at 16:00 PM.


If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You will be assessed on the day and will be asked to bring any photographs/portfolios you would have had done before, if not just come along for your assessment. You should be prepared to be photographed on the day. Please arrive with little or natural make up on and with clean dry hair. We do have on site make-up artists available when required.


3 outfits ranging from casual to smart - Optional (for 18 only) Lingerie/swimwear


Please bring with you on the day of your appointment any photograph s or portfolio you may have done. This will help to assess whether these photographs are suitable and appropriate to be presented for work. If you do not have a portfolio that is fine just arrive at the test shoot. The test is for assessment purposes only if you wish to purchase the images for usage you have the option to do so. Unsuccessful models however may not be given that option.


We require two forms of ID (if with an infant parents ID is required). One should be drivers license or passport. Others maybe recent utility bill or current ID (possibly alternative photographic ID).


You may be contacted one day prior to your photo shoot as a reminder of your booking date and time. Please ensure you arrive on time and with everything in order as instructed above. Failure to attend or not inform us 24 hours prior to the shoot could have models placed on our unreliable register.


For an insight into what you can expect to happen on the day, please click here


Name: W10 Buspace Studios

Address: Unit 118 - 120, Conlan Street, London W10 5AP (Press 118 and the bell on buzzer)

Telephone: 0208 9645517

Website - www.w10buspacestudios.co.uk



Westbourne Park (Circle and Hammersmith & City Line)


Exit Westbourne Park Tube Station. Take A Left (1 Minute). Take Left On Elkstone Road (1minute). Take The Bus 23 From Stop L (Elkstone Road Stop) . Get Out On The Stop Bosworth Road (Third Stop). Keep Right Walking Onto East Row (2 Minutes). Take A Right On Conlan Road

Kind regards,

Chrissy Peters - London office manager & Head of new faces


0208 935 59 77

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Model Agency"

Date: 22 February 2016 at 09:12:10 GMT


Subject: Well done we are interested in you!


Hello Lisa *******,

The Model Agency team can see the potential in ******* and we would like to invite you for a test shoot in London city centre. Congratulations !

The cost of the test shoot is covered by our agency. The shoot will allow us to evaluate how ******* will look and behave in front of the camera in a working environment and ultimately allow us to decide if we can secure the potential model paid work.

Please reply to this email requesting the information and we shall send you the full booking details.

Kind regards,

Chrissy Peter s - London office manager & Head of new faces


0208 935 59 77

Product or Service Mentioned: M0del Agency Photo Shoot.

Reason of review: scam.

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This has nothing to do with Preview Models?

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #1316624

These scammers need to be caught they have took my hard earn

money and now cant get my pics taken down on there site. we need

to challenge these scammers and get our money back for all the fake

*** lies that was inflicted.

London, England, United Kingdom #1238699

I have gone for this and the agency said I don't need to pay .but the guy in the studio said I need to buy the photo before they release this .I spoken to modelagebcy they said this not the case and someone will call me I'm 48 hours ...but no one has called me after two weeks in calling the agent just going into voicemail and can not leave a message so glad i have not brought this photos

London, England, United Kingdom #1203577

Name one company you got a job with via this agency? Just one because they cannot name one company either...

London, England, United Kingdom #1203576

This happened to me almost exactly the same.

I told 5 mums outside their office in w8 studios in w10 area and warned them successfully.

They need to be stopped. Awful people- please never give your hard earned money to these low life's.

London, England, United Kingdom #1196093

I'm just in the process now 2 weeks ago my daughter went was told I needed to pay £400 for the starter pack I walked away and got email this morning offering them to me for £100 I messaged the agentcey to ask what was included she said I think you get 5 pics, I was just in the process of lending some money of my sister I'm so pleased I googled chrissey peters thanks

London, England, United Kingdom #1187937

jenny, not all agencies are relieable, I've got also one relieable agency I get my jobs from..open your eyes

London, England, United Kingdom #1187926

I went there too, at first they offered me to purchase pics fir 400£ and when I said I don't have that much money they lowered it to 100£ saying that if no portfolio made immediately then no contract. It smelled like a scam to me and I turned the offer down.

Minutes later I've got message from agency that I still got the contract, just need to send them my pics. So I did, I sent them pics which were made by the proffessional photographer previously. They repliead that the pics need to be touched up to fit into their preferences and they know an studio who does it exactly how they like it,only 60£. When I answered I can do it in my fellow studiofor much cheaper proce if they would forward me the preferences.

They never replyed. So badly they tried to get out of my pocket at least something.

Never pay nothing and never pay hundreds of pounds for a private photoshoot...100£ not more.

Now I try to find a way how to take them down. Does anybody knows is there any organisation who deals with it?

to martin London, England, United Kingdom #1214672

I did a deal for £714 they steal my money........ my English is not good sop I didn't understand propert

Slough, Slough, United Kingdom #1185342

Hi there,i applied for my both daughters on June 2016,went for photo shoot and then paid the copyright or the photos (I don't even know what I paid for now)a fortune- £1400 and now I feel so bad and *** that I paid that much money...I have the same letters and everything like Lisa(the girl who comment above).where can I call or what can I do maybe I take my money back?i can't believe how blind I was then.please someone maybe can help...thanks,anonymous.

to Anonymous London, England, United Kingdom #1214674

For me was the same two weeks ago


I went to a test shoot today for my child at buspaces studios (mOdel agency) I was told my Child was successful and that I would have to buy the copy right disc for £120 before my child would be put on their website, I decided to go away and think about it before making a payment I looked into this apparent need of upfront costs and found that no respectable agency charges until your child has secured a job and is paid, only then can an agency make any money from your child which is usually around 25% of their pay... I will not be paying anything to this agency and I urge others to be careful when any agency asks for money before your child has worked. I would like to know if anyone knows how I would find out how to make sure my child's photos are not used by this agency please

Kind regards


to Anonymous #1195296

I was @ buspave studios today withy baby the gold me the exact same thing I pay them a deposit it and told them I would call in the morning to pay the rest but after reading this I drfo won't be doing that


I received an email from these stating my son had been successful and was invited to book a test shoot. After hearing only bad things about them, I rang the number on the email to get some more information only to be told they know nothing about the agency, they are just a separate business paid to make bookings on the agency's behalf!

I put my concerns in an email to chrissy peters but heard nothing back, in the meantime I was receiving phone calls and emails pressuring me to book the test shoot which I did for a couple of weeks away to give me more time to dig. I sent one more email after booking the test shoot raising the same concerns and asking why they couldn't just answer my questions. The next day I received an email from them informing me that unfortunately my son had not been successful and wouldn't be invited for a test shoot, bearing in mind it was already booked for the following week!

I have since seen a statement from trading standards asking anyone who has got copies of correspondence with them to send it in as they are building a case against them. Apparently they have already been shut down before by them a few times under different trading names


this is a very valuable piece of information. thanks


Hi there, i was there yesterday... Good that found your feedback...

They wanted from me £395 for 6 pics i said it is too much for me and the price is £120 for 10pics... But i am not going to sign my daughter up

Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom #1161447

I had a photo shoot with this agency yesterday.... 2 hrs i was just waiting around and photo shoot it was probably less than half hrs !

After that they told me that I have been accepted and contract will be send it to me via email... And after small chat this agency told me that I need to have a profile ASAP so they can give me and secure with some work but price was 350£ for all this... Thanks God I didn't pay after all and I said I need to have a thing ! Before me was 4 more people who walked out with CD in hands it seems like they paid money...

It was good day for SCAM AGENCY !!!!

http://www.modelagency.uk.com/about-us/ this is link....


I was told that the copyright has to be paid for or they can't put my daughter to work, they said nothing about purchasing pictures )basically they wanted me to pay or my daughter wouldn't get work.


I was there on Monday and I paid £475 for photos...is it any chance we can get our money back

to Anonymous #1149127

Me too. And I am so pissed off as spent a fortune on something I couldn't actually afford.

Have sleepless nights and anxieties since, and can't believe how I got sucked into this scheme. Can anyone help how we can get money back??

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