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Signed up to do a shoot for M0del Agency and was told I was successful. Was then persuaded to spend hundreds to purchase these photos in order to complete an online model portfolio.

On the day, we decided that the photos were too expensive and the lady threatened that the photos would get deleted by the end of the day if not bought. A week later, we receive a call from M0del Agency saying that the photos still haven't been deleted and were persuaded to pay again and was offered a discount. So we decided to go ahead with it and paid. Then I was sent emails about how to create a new model profile and said that I would get a call welcoming me to their team.

But none of that happened. No job landed since creating the 'profile' and now the 'profile' isn't even on their website anymore. The money has all gone to waste. These recruiting advertisements is only a bait to sell photos.

They hook you to go to their studio and take photos but then says you must pay to be represented by their agency. You could spend up to thousands buying the photographs.

Product or Service Mentioned: M0del Agency Modeling Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Scammers, Taking advantage of children, Collaboration to make us believe they were a real model agency, No evidence of any secured work, Hard sales.

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Now running the scam under the name of Angel Models UK. Katherine Peacock (M0del), Chrissy (Blackberry) are both none other than Anthony Jones (Adora)

The following email has been sent in response to my recent test 'application' to the new scam 'agency' (updates with replies will be shared too) -

Dear Admin/Management/Scam Artists

Thanks for the email responses however having read the appalling grammar I respectfully decline the offer, as any reputable UK based company would NOT make grammatical errors.

The first sign that this is a SCAM is the second paragraph of the 'Acceptance' email received, whereby TWO errors are present - "We would now like to see how you behaves and looks in front of the camera"


looks? - Surely anyone that has basic primary education in the UK would know that it should read as 'behave and look'? The second sign that again there is a lack of basic English grammar within this 'agency' is the final paragraph of the acceptance email - "Please reply to this email and we will shall send you full information and booking number." really?! 'we will shall' - did the management actually attend school at all?

or were they brought up in the slums? Where did the owner of this establishment gain their business knowledge because surely there is a lack of any form of primary, secondary or further education! As for that hyperlinked full-stop at the end of 'number.' - the link reads as As far as my knowledge in computers serves me, that appears as a time saving way to 'auto agree' to any email responses from those that actually fall for this scam, by clicking on the hyperlinked full-stop and another auto generated previously composed email is sent?

I have seen it on a previously received email from another agency. I wonder whom that may have been? Ahh yes, M0del agency. TUT TUT some habits stick it seems!

I will be testing this theory further before taking the necessary steps to expose this new agency of yours for the scam it is, a simple reply to this 'acceptance' email should work, so here goes... And, as expected, I receive an 'assessment details' email at 8.57am, followed by a 'please call' email half an hour later at 9.23am, and 15 minutes after that I receive a 'Final chance' email at 9.38am. Bit too eager it seems! Ever heard of the thing that people do, WORK, and that once details are sent for THEM to contact YOU, sufficient time should be given without coming across as overly eager and fishy?!

The contents of the initial two emails appear to match the wording of emails received in response to my 'applications' to Blackberry, Adora, and M0del agency! The third and final email however did give me a good chuckle 'We would now like to see how 'mrs; behaves and looks in front of the camera.' 'Mrs'?! Are you seriously having a laugh? Can one really be so dimwitted?

I have applied as Marcella, I think you have a glitch in your brain or maybe your automated email system! I have been investigating and compiling a file against you Mr Anthony Jones for a number of years now and am currently working in conjunction with local and national authorities to put an end to this facade being operated by yourself. The saying 'you can run but not hide' comes to mind! Well done on the effort, it seems to be fooling a few but unfortunately for you Mr Anthony Jones, you are NOT the brightest pea in the pod!

I will now be liaising with my contacts and sharing my findings, we will also be taking this to the press once again.

You should be ashamed of yourself with this ongoing scam that you are running under one name after another! I do look forward to your reply, you are known to get vicious when (as the saying goes) 'the *** hits the fan!' Kindest Regards, Marcella

Gillingham, Medway, United Kingdom #1289981

This was exactly what they did for my 9 month old son! Complete scam!

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