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I wish I read the reviews before even going to the shoot. Likewise I saw them advertising on Facebook and thought I would apply. Next day I got an email from them saying they like my looks and invited me for a shoot. I had to ring them up and booked my shoot, I felt really good with myself. Anyway the day came I went to Manchester Studio 44, I got there and had to go to the fourth floor. I told them who I was and they gave me a form to fill in... Read more

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I wish id read this before. Spent day in Shoreditch with t month old. Lots of others there applied through Facebook ad. Email from Chrissy Peters etc. I paid 250. Got disc and copyright?! Told to upload the photis to create a profile for her and given 12 website adresses of potential agencies who to upload her profile to. Not sure what to do now ive read this.

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M0del Agency is a full on SCAM. They take your money and details. They're 100% scam and not a professional company at all. All they want is your money. Everything they do on the test shoot is dodgy. The company scam families without any money or little money. You are forced in a horrible way. This company needs to be shut down now. It will be taken further to the police and the owner should be sent to prison for it. IN MY EXPERIENCE THEY HAVE... Read more

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Ive had an experience recently with Model Agency but theres no '0' in the logo? Is this a legit company as it has no zero in the name or is it still a dodgy one?? Ive seen your reviews and you all mention a zero that i dont have haha im only 19 and have no idea what im getting myself in for if someone could help me find out whether its legit then please let me know otherwise i wont bother going ive tried calling them but i believe theyre closed... Read more

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I sent a pic through clearly a generic email bk saying. Book a test shoot so did tried to find info about them like who are there customers if u where to get a contract couldn't find anything so I phoned up and cancelled then had a email saying sorry ur not successful Wat a scam glad I did my research and didn't waste my time

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These people are ripping off new parents, please don't do the photoshoot this is how they are taking the money of you, where you get taken the picture is a different company and they are not liable and also they have not refund policy

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M0del Agency - Complete scam! Do not waste your time or money!
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After I applied through the website I received an email about going for a test shoot in Camden. I arrived on time and a photographer took some shots of me. After waiting around for an hour I was invited into the managers office, Adam I believe. He then began saying how the agency really liked my look and how impressed they were with me. Then began the selling! He said in order for me to be signed I would need a portfolio of a minimum of 5... Read more

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I too have been scammed recently. I went for a test shoot in Manchester with a studio called limitless photography after hours of waiting they finally called me for th shoot. Before that however I had been told that they weren't going to do my make up because of staff shortage and to my surprise a woman came to touch up my face! Anyway the woman told me I'd been accepted and that I have to pay for the cd although I told her I already had... Read more

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Got invited to a test shoot. Stated no costs unless my baby would be signed up then 20% of all earnings would be taken. Specifically called the 'office' to ask again will there be any hidden costs if my baby is successfull. AGAIN TOLD NO. Low and behold after waiting for 2 hours am invited in to discuss results. Withing 2 monutes of being shown her photos my baby has been excepted but needs a the cost of... Read more

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Fortunately for me I'm never too quick to jump into anything so I knew what to look out for. When I saw their ad on Instagram I won't lie I was almost convinced until I got a reply within the hour which would have been around 9/10pm. none of their emails actually went into any detail about anything to begin with, just plenty of sales jargon and trying to persuade me to book a "test shoot". I called the booking line the next day and was greeted... Read more

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